Thursday, 22 July 2010

Whats a good baby middle name for a boy named Aidan?

were having twins and

the girls name is naomi ayn (we choose not to tell the last name)

and we want to name the boy Aidan but we cant think

of a middle name, any ideas?

Whats a good baby middle name for a boy named Aidan?
Aidan James. That's what I would have named my baby if it turned out to be a boy.
Reply:Aidan James (My favorite, he could be called AJ)

Aidan Nicolas (Their initials would be switched NA %26amp; AN, very cute!)

Aidan Michael

Aidan Connor

Aidan Gabriel

Aidan Zachary

Aidan Grant


1. Use the father's first or middle name.

2. Use a family member's name

3. Use a close friend's name


Reply:Are you sure you want to name the boy Aidan? It's kinda' trendy right now.... not to mention, it seems sort of feminine to me. Just my opinion.

But if you're set on it....

I'd say.... maybe..... Aidan Jacob.
Reply:Naomi Ayn and Aiden James

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Noel

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Noah

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Christopher

Naomi ayn and Aiden Eli

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Tyler

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Ace

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Jon

Naomi Ayn and Aiden Rex
Reply:Aiden Lowell

Aiden Rowen

Aiden Logan

Aiden Khalil

Aiden Liam

Aiden River

Aiden Elliot

Aiden Elijah

As you can see I like very unique names if you don't mind =)

god bless your baby
Reply:Something incredibly unique, because Aidan is incredibly overused!

Aidan Brennan

Aidan Archer

Aidan Jago

Aidan Matteo

Aidan Griffin

Aidan Ezra
Reply:Well, I love the name Aidan, and here are some of the ones I was deciding about:

Aidan Christopher

Aidan Michael

Aidan Lucas

Aidan Noah

Aidan Maxwell

:) Best of luck
Reply:Before you name him Aiden, you should know that Aiden was the most popular name in the US last year accounting for alternate spellings (Aidan, Ayden.. etc).

Reply:Aidan Christopher

Aidan James

Aidan Joel

Aidan Jude

Aidan Thomas

Aidan Cole

Aidan Mathew

Aidan David

Aidan Nathaniel
Reply:Aidan Tyler

Aidan Raymond

Aidan Marshall

Aidan Grady

Aidan Lucas

Aidan Brooks

Aidan Trevor

Aidan Matthew

Aidan Guy

Aidan Rudy
Reply:Aidan Alexander

Aidan Christopher

Aidan Maxwell

Aidan Thomas

Aidan Joseph
Reply:Aidan James

Aidan Henry

Aidan Chase

Aidan Cole

Aidan Grant
Reply:If you're going to use a trendy first name, at least use a meaningful middle name after a loved one.
Reply:aiden heath

aiden bradley

aiden christopher

aiden patrick

Reply:Aiden Raine is my favorite.

i also like

Aiden Christopher

Aiden James

Aiden Matthew

Aiden Dakota

Reply:aiden alexander or aiden michael
Reply:Naomi Ayn

Aiden Daric (like derek)
Reply:im naming one of my sons Aaden Thomas

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